Sellers are still without rights at PayPal

The history of the (still) lonely fight an eBay trader against the ever-increasing compulsion, to accept Paypay as a payment method on eBay.

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Sellers are still without rights at PayPal

Post by Michael B.
21.11.2013, 09:40 Clock

Since a nice advertising campaign about the great seller protection does not help…
the fact is: One must take when calculating the goods a PayPal loss.
Gut, sales is undoubtedly higher, but the loss also, bottom line then remains more, sometimes PayPal will decide on “margin”, you have to mention fairness.
The trouble, however, remains!
My last experience was a new items sold, packaged in a Hartplastikbox by the manufacturer, in cardboard incl. flakes ships – Shipping weight total less than 500 gram.
Customer complains, that on the product 1 Page was totally smashed, However, the Hartplastikbox and the cardboard completely undamaged, Experience has shown that sees a product like this, when e.g.. falls down.
So I have contradicted…Customer PayPal Buyer Protection Application…I'm all incl. the photos posted, as well as the declarations of the customer, case lost – as always!
PayPal called and complained, but tells me the staff, the photos do not count as evidence and also be the not watched, because they had a lot to do and these could be edited using Photo Shop…., I did not even know what to say.
discussion unnecessary. As a seller, no chance.
It should be noted here, sell for 11 Years commercially as a Gold Power Seller on eBay.
these absurdities experience again and again….shame really, PayPal could be so good!

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