IT Security: German thoroughness leads to (part)success

If you are reading this article on, one wonders very quick, how safe is my data when I go online shopping and put that behind … z.b. Credit cards, etc.. A theme with a bottomless pit…

Compared with the US, there are no laws in Germany, oblige companies, to publicly release a hacker attack with data theft. This could mean, German companies also have security holes churning, but are better at it, to cover these. Evidence could be, that in the last incident in January 2014, in which 16 Million German users accounts were found, has never experienced really, who 'lost' this data and where they could be found. How many more cases so there is in Germany, of which we quite simply know nothing?

Another answer could be, that the impact on the end user are almost always negligible (and the customer anyway is not liable for the damage) and one is less interested in headlines in the German market, have no impact on your wallet. For advertising purposes by manufacturers of security software and services, international headlines are enough. There are lots of them.